September 20, 2004

The Hurricane-Baby Theory?

Everyone knows the Blackout Baby Theory, and I remember hearing about a very localized Snowstorm Baby Theory when Microsoft's overworked programmers got stuck at home for a few days.

But the Hurricane-Baby Theory is on the other end of the process; supposedly, dramatic drops in barometric pressure can induce the onset of labor. Actual scientific studies are inconclusive, but hospitals in hurricane areas encouraged their late-term patients to stay close by anyway.

If kindergartens in Florida are filled with Ivans and Franceses in a few years, we'll know why.

Do Hurricanes Blow in Babies With the Floodwater? [WSJ]
Hurricane Names: "Is your name on the list?" [NASA/NOAA]
An overview of Atlantic and Pacific/Asian naming conventions for hurricanes and typhoons.

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