September 19, 2004

What do you WANT?

Whew. That wasn't so hard. Thanks to some fine advice and suggestions from dads, dads-to-be, and other dad-related people, I am a perfect father with a perfect child. Now I'm ready to get to work on you.

What are the specific kinds of questions, ideas or suggestions that you're looking for, whatever type of dad you may be?

[Seriously, though, what are some of the things that would make Daddy Types more useful and interesting to you, wherever you are along the dad spectrum? I mean, it's only been six months, and already, I feel like I've forgotten three websites full of useful stuff. And the whole pregnancy thing, it feels as far away as a high school health film.]

Bring it on. greg at daddy types dot com


You're doing well I read it nearly every day. If I had to request improvements I might suggest...

... more frequent updates and entries.
... regular attention to 0-6months even as your kid grows up.

But on balance very useful site for a new dad.

How about a few suggestions on what to say when people ask a first-time expecting Dad "Are you excited?"

Hell no, I'm not excited. The cost, the lack of sleep, the upheaval of my schedule, the inability to ravage my wife at any hour of the day, in any room of the house, these are all things that I understand.

The joy of being a father? I doubt anyone really understands that feeling prior to the child's birth. I know that I sure as hell don't.

SO, the next time someone asks "Are you excited?" What the hell should I say. I tried replying with "I'm feeling selfish and apprehensive", but that didn't seem to go over too well.


Haha! Vespadaddy, I'm sending my husband over here to help you out. He has a bunch of witty things to say to people who ask questions regarding the pregnancy/impending fatherhood etc...

His most hated thing was the "you'll find out" crap. You know, "Just wait, you think you know what it's going to be like...blah blah". It drove him crazy.

Women get all those dumb questions too. The "just you wait" and "you'll see" ones drove me nuts as well. Especially when spoken by a woman in the grocery store (or other public place) while her obviously spoiled/undisplined/unbathed/ADHD child/children run wild about the place.

Looking something to replace the Baby Bjorn.

My kid is 8 months old but now exceeds the 26lb capacity of the Bjorn and it's becoming too tight for her.

I'd prefer another front carrier since it's easier to make sure that I'm not going to shear her arms off when maneuvering in tight pots. But backpack suggestions are welcome.

I have a few suggestions for topics:

1. Suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants in NYC. Heading to NY in a few weeks with the 16 month old and wife. Last time I was in nice restaurants in the city was before baby and let's just say I wasn't paying attention to who had all the accomodations and who did not.

2. Suggestions for easy city exploring stuff with the baby. Do I go with the umbrella stroller or some kind of front-pack / back-pack thing? Will I still be able to walk after this?

3. Every time I travel with the little one, it is in our own car or in public transit (train / plane). So if you grab a cab with the kiddy and just hold them on your lap will you get thrown in jail or be considered to be committing some horrible moral offense?

I second the notion for starting an ever-expanding list of retaurants and subway stops in nyc (including brooklyn) that are stroller and baby friendly. There is nothing worse than getting to a subway stop and finding out that the booth is not staffed and you have to take the baby out of the stroller and go through teh turnstile.

For the poster looking to replace the Baby Bjorn, I recommend the Ergo Carrier. Works as both a front carrier and a back carrier, and is easily adjustable between my husband and I (he's 10 inches taller).

I moved Craig's starter list of kid-friendly restaurants in NYC to its own post.

Regarding the subway: the green line (4-5-6) on Canal and Lafayette has sidewalk elevators to get you underground.
They look cool, and work great (but smell like urine -- worse than your baby). I'd like to learn more about baby-friendly subway access, although the bus seems to be the more genteel solution.

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