September 19, 2004

Hippies Getting Mixed Signals From VW


I'm confused. First, VW introduces a redesigned Microbus on the 2001 autoshow circuit, charmingly reminiscent of the beater your peacenik, no-shaving-allowed parents probably conceived you in. Finally, you say, a minivan you wouldn't be ashamed to drive (all weirdness about your parents hooking up aside).

vw_tiedye_romper.jpgThen, they cancel it, blaming the pinko unions. Yet they still sell tie-dyed infant jumpsuits with little VW logos on the front. What's going on here? With the Passat Wagon and the Touareg, VW's obviously got both factions (pro- and anti-SUV) of the yuppie parent market covered. But what are the hippies supposed to drive? [via Matt]

Official VW Microbus microsite
VW Cancels Microbus [vwvortex, which also has a giant gallery of Microbus images to mock your pseudo-counter-cultural pretensions]
Tie-Dye VW Jumpsuit, offered at VW Drivergear for the hippie-soaking price of $29.00
Normal Blue/White VW Onesie* at Drivergear for a yuppie-friendly $15.00

1 Comment

I was so bummed (hee!) when I heard this news. I am a karmann ghia fan and a new microbus would have rocked my little hippie momma world.

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