September 14, 2004

Blue Stokke Xplory now on Ebay [NYC]

A blue Stokke Xplory, "gently used only a few times," with all the accessories, just went up for sale on ebay. Opening bid is $750, with $50 shipping outside NYC.

If you're too impatient for the waitlist at Buy Buy Baby to clear, now's your chance to get a Stokke in just 6 days 23 hours...

6 days 22 hours 58 minutes...

For Sale: Stokke Xplory Stroller [ebay]


if it is not avaliable how did you you get it I made some research no one seems like selling in us only people who bought them siad they brought it from Europe is yours one of the European versions?

This isn't mine; I just linked to an auction I found. You should contact the ebay seller.

But I think you're right; I don't remember exactly, but I don't think a blue Xplory is available in the US, only green/green and red/pink (yes, hot pink.)

Recently I came across a floor model of the Stokke stroller. It did indeed look great from a distance, but was horrid when scrutinized. Very wobbly due to the plastic center column, and it got stuck several times while trying to open/close it. We opted to have a Mutsy imported from Holland. They are the main competitor to Bugaboo in Holland. Same width, same weight as the bugaboo, but 2 models to choose from and plenty of expansion options. Cool articulating frame and the l-shaped frame provides a very cushioned ride as it flexes like a suspension. On top of that our model has 4 air filled wheels.
It works with the MaxiCosi car seat (which I guess must be available in New York, based on previous postings) which is great. I actually like that the carseat does not have a base, one less part that can fail in a crash.

I figured I'd send you an additional stroller that defies the babies-r-us standard and provides an alternative to Bugaboo.

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