September 12, 2004

If you think the special needs kid story's a slog

just remember: it's nothing compared to actually being a conscientious parent to a special needs kid. That's the takeaway from Lisa Belkin's loooong NY Times Magazine piece today about Thomas Ellenson's first year of kindergarten.

While Tom has cerebral palsy, he also has the good fortune of being born to Manhattan ad executive Richard Ellenson and his wife Lora, who have not only the means but the committment and perserverance to develop a curriculum and an infrastructure to get their kid mainstreamed into a New York City public school.

It's rambling and long, but it's a pretty remarkable story. Did I mention it's long?

The Lessons of Classroom 506 [NYT Magazine]

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I read every word of Lisa Belkin's article tonight. Don't know how I missed it last September but glad that I did find it now.

How proud your parents would be of Thomas and the progress he's making.

From the first time I saw a picture of him with his bright eyes and sparkling smile, I knew there was a world out there waiting for him. And how lucky that he has you and Lora to help him open the doors.

Much love to you all.

Jane Ornauer

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