September 7, 2004

When Vegan Parents Go Crazy

How about when Crazy Parents go Vegan? Parents lose it everyday, but for some reason, some of the craziest like to take Veganism down with them. The NY Daily News reports that Coney Island dad Raphael Spindell has spirited his 14-month old son Andre away from his mother-in-law's to go live with him and his wife in the woods somewhere.

Raphael has been talking about building an eco-village in Belize, where everyone can live off the land, free and healthy, but Child Services threw a wrench into things when they awarded Grandma custody of Andre because the kid was malnourished.

In the mean time, the couple's on the run, in a motor home in the forest upstate somewhere, living off, what, gas station food? Kudos to mom, though for keeping up the nursing for 14 months. Whoa.

[via Gothamist, who's got the story and the comments]
Takes tot into the woods [NYDN]
Raphael "Archangel" Spindell's Yahoo Profile [Hobbies: "Sylvanism, Organic Permaculture, Green Anarchy, Web-Design"]
Children of the Millennium, the couple's defunct mad-as-hell website [via Internet Archive]

On the other, saner, hand:
Vegetarian Baby & Child Magazine
KidBean, "the world's first online VEGAN children's store!"
VegFamily, "the magazine for Vegan Family Living"

3 Comments about lunatic fringe. This couple shouldn't be allowed to have children (see the Children of the Millennium website).

My wife had I were vegetarian for years until "we" got pregnant last year. Then she craved hamburgers and Wendy's chili, so we both fell off the wagon. Since the birth of our daughter, we've decided to keep vegetarian at home, but eat whatever we want in restaurants and at other people's houses. We're hoping this instills a sense that it's normal not to eat meat, but also that carnivores are not mass murderers.

Can I have a recent picture of Mr. Raphael Spindell? Thank you.

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