September 6, 2004

Harper's Magazine: A Child's First Impressions of Death

"Lessons learned from the deaths of poor Frank and little Mary, who had the canker-rash. Originally from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 64, iss. 384, pp. 822-824, May 1882. By William H. Beard."

Two quotes:

There had been some hills opened for early potatoes, and many, too small for use, lay scattered about upon the loose earth. The thought struck me, what if little children prematurely torn from life, should also be discarded as useless, and then fell to crying again, and Fido licked away my tears...

When I told her of the metaphor of the small potatoes, a faint smile played about her features for a moment; then she asked me if I did not remember what the Saviour had said of little children, and of His love for them. I was greatly comforted; and Fido, who sat by with anxious, inquiring look, seeing my brightened expression, capered about for joy.

"About the Author: William H. Beard (1824-1900) was known for his lithographic renderings of dancing bears."

A Child's First Impressions of Death []

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