September 4, 2004

Star Trek Baby Names

jadzia_dax.jpg, via www.trillworld.deAny name's fine, as long as it's Jadzia. Also popular: B'elanna, and Seven (of Nine). i.e., all the alien hottie characters.

Let me go on record here: any Star Trek name is going to be several circles deeper in taunting hell than a non-space-based soap opera name. Also, naming a child after the fictional object of your unrequited lust is gonna have complications all its own. And if Star Trek's taught us anything, it's that you can't go back and undo your mistake without disrupting the space-time continuum and making things worse. You have been warned.


Most popular name among Usenet Trekkers: Jadzia and Kira are up, Wesley's down. (Granted, most of these people are lingering in a cat-naming stage of life. The illogic of naming one child 7 of 9 is noted.)

Adoption Forum: "He claims that it is a cross between 'Jade' (Beautiful stone) and 'Zia' (Wonderful gift)."

Also: "My father-in-law looks through his Star Trek book [probably Michael Okuda's Star Trek Encyclopedia, called by some impassioned types, "the best reference book ever, of any kind." -dt] whenever there is a new baby on the way."

kirk_cameron.jpg, via imdb.comTrekBBS: "My ex-gf, who hates Star Trek (but that's not the reason we broke up) wanted to name our daughter Annika if we ever had one. When I told her that was Seven's human name, you should have seen her eyes roll."

Bonus, and proving my point: Kirk Cameron (b. Oct. 12, 1970) was named after Capt. Kirk, by his Star Trek-loving parents. The series ran from Sept. 8, 1966 until June 3, 1969, when it was canceled. You do the math.

Why get hung up on this stuff on a beautiful Saturday morning? I wanted to try and understand the parent who would let his kid wear a pair of booties made of tribbles.

Yo! My Booties [$58.00 at Psychobaby, a Parent Company, via BabyChic101]
The Trouble With Tribbles [Orig. Series, via BBC]
The Star Trek Dictionary, by Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Debbie Mirek [buy the hardback for $40.80 at Amazon. Sure to be an heirloom.]


I love that I was named after a star trek chick. Even though she died at the end of the show. her name was rayna coppik. I am proud of where my name came from.

My two year old daughter is named after Seven of Nine, before she was assimilated. When she was a little girl her name was Annika. Most people think I named her after the golfer. Trying to find another name for this year. I was thinking of naming the next one Cial, like Gul Du Cot's half Cardasian, half Bjoren daughter if it is a girl. My husband doesn't the name though.

Gul Dukat's daughter is Zyal. Even more beautiful. I think it's German.

Other nice Trek girl names include: Kamala, Jadzia, Nalanie, Adomi, and Anij.

Nice Trek guy names include: Elim, Adon, Kerlah, and Tiberius.

I have a friend who named her daughter Kestra, after Deanna Troi's sister. It's a pretty name. Gul Dukat's daughter's name is spelled Ziyal.

I just met a great girl who was named after Kes from Voyager, her name was Kessa :) pretty, different but can be pronounced without help lol

we named our 4 year old daughter after Kira Nerys, but we spelt it Neryse, my hubby is a big Star trek fan, over the years I have grown to like the series.

Our first born son was named after Commander Riker from the Next Generation series. Riker spelled just like that. We're now pregnant with our second son and my star trek loving husband is campaigning for Archer. I was hoping for a girl so I could actually name her Seven as weird as it may seem.

My parents are big star trek fans and they named all 5 of us kids after the show my name is tasha nicole and im the oldest-i was named after tasha yarr, my brother's name is dailen kai, my 3 sisters names are shinara neela , marina deeanne, and jaden janay

We also named our 2 year old after Seven of Nine, but I changed the spelling to Anaka. Our dog was named Dax. Ironically, Seven of Nine was played by Jeri Ryan which is our nephew's name (Jerry Ryne).

I have a son who iss named after Patrick after Sir Patrick Stewart and while his middle name (Maurice) is due to a family name, it is also the name of Captain Picard's father. My fiance and I are planning on having one more child and if it's a boy it'll be Miles William and if it's a girl it'll be Catherine Nerys.

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