September 3, 2004

The Cruelty of Kate Spade's MacLaren Stroller

Is this the second limited edition stroller Kate Spade designed for Maclaren? To be honest, I wasn't following stroller fashion too closely before the kid penciled herself into our calendar. But I remember a distant buzz about it among our baby-having friends. It was a regular mid-line model with special, striped Spade fabric.

Now another Kate Spade Maclaren is here, and it's the same thing, only with polka dots. It's a Quest, the mid-range Mac, which costs as much as a Techno ($300). There's never been a starker tradeoff of features/function and fashion, and I think it's kind of cruel of Maclaren to put men in the position where they have to choose between protesting a clear fashion choice or pushing what's essentially a tasteful, middle class version of the Precious Moments stroller.

Now if there's ever a Jack Spade stroller, let me know.

See more about the Kate Spade Maclaren strollers at Amazon.
Or get the Techno XT for the same price, or the original Quest for a $100 less.


I bought a stroller that I can NOT live without! Since you were on the subject already I thought I'd send you a link on the greatest stroller ever invented, in my humble opinion.

I bought the Chariot Cougar double stroller.

Sometimes we women need a stroller that we like too. This stroller will obviously stay in Mommy's car. On the subject of strollers though, everyone check out the new bugaboo

I am at a loss for words.

I hear you on the Chariot, Jen: it was part of Sport Utility Stroller Week in July.

Whoa. At first I read that as "Bugabooby".

Nah, its bugaboo by as in by a versace, etc whomever they can dig up to make a stroller cost more.

Even if daddy liked the pattern on the Quest, it might not be so easy for him to push. My husband, and my 5 foot, 10 inch mom-friend get backaches pushing a Quest: the handles are too short. The Mac 3 has adjustable handles. Otherwise, the Quest has been a really good City stroller, light maneuverable, and fairly compact.

There may not be a Jack Spade stroller, but now there's a Jack Spade diaper bag! The link was posted yesterday on baby chic. Check it out!

I guess it's the one that's also on the Jack Spade site, the Long Handle Dad Bag, but it's different from the Jack Spade Dad Field Bag I saw way back in Feb. when I was first in the market.

Now, the closest messenger bag-style is probably the camo one, but I'm still in favor of getting any bag you want and sticking a changing pad in it.

Oh, and Andy and Kate Spade just announced they're splitting up, a month after he abruptly stepped down as CEO.

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