August 31, 2004

In LA, Everyone's Unique (In The Same Way)

fooey_skater_onesie.gifGee, good thing I added the "parent company" category; it'll give me a place to post the birth announcement of every stylist/graphic designer/publicist/musician/freelancer in Southern California.

Apparently, it's the law that when you have a kid in LA, you start your own t-shirt line because there is nothing "cool enough" or "unique enough" for your little fashionplate. And thanks to American Apparel, the only thing easier than whipping up some t-shirts [*cough* daddy type *cough*] is starting a website. [*cough*].

In an article on "punk-rock moms," Contra Costa Times plugs at least 16 of these kid-inspired "cottage industries," but links to other hip companies sprawl in every direction and quickly blur together, much like LA itself.

metal_babies_2min.jpgBut don't be intimidated. If you believe that nothing expresses your (oh, sorry, your kid's) individuality better than a t-shirt, just start surf-shopping until you find something you thought was cool in high school.

Punk-rock moms create fashion tots drool over [16 starting off points, originally an LA Times article]
Grometville, the cutey cute Silver Lake baby store where the article was written
Metal Babies [best baby-T: "2 minutes to bedtime"]
Mod Target T-shirt [at Townsend, who also sells "Hendrix," "Lennon," and "Manilow" T's. OK, I made that last one up.]
Cutey cute cute little tattoo t-shirts [at Born Lucky (ie., lucky your mom's a graphic designer, who's now home all day and hasn't slept more than two hours at a stretch for the last three months...)]
Punky Moms [site owner has pink hair, but may be named after Punky Brewster. Lots of links.]
80's skater/surfer bodysuits and T's, [at Fooey USA]
80's punk concert flyers from Orange County bodysuits [at Mini Maniacs, this one gets its own post.]

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