August 23, 2004

Fold-up Infant Cabana (yes, small as a dinner plate)

infant_cabana.jpgFinally. After scouring sporting goods stores, tentmakers, and baby shops, I'd given up on finding a simple sunshade so we could take the kid outside (and not fry her while I lay my pasty self out). I want(ed) a tensile nylon tarp, maybe tablecloth-sized, but this pop-up Infant Cabana looks like it'd do the trick.

And like 67% of the previous tents on Daddy Types, it folds up as small as a dinner plate.

Buy an Infant Cabana for $49.95, exclusively at One Step Ahead
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A family in Manhattan Beach, CA had this when I was last there. The mom put it up herself in minutes and used some sand on the side pockets to weigh it down and stop it from blowing away(never blew once actually). It held up REALLY well and the kids all loved it and the baby slept in it for a while.

For four cents more we got one of these from Campmor, pretty close to NYC in Paramus, NJ. It doesn't fold up quite so small but has room for a parent or two. You can stake it down if it's windy and can be set up by one person (but not while holding a baby).

It's great, but once the baby starts crawling and walking, you might have to zip her up in it!

I been eyeing these tents,as well, because I can't seem to get that umbrella properly anchored.

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