August 21, 2004

Blurbomat wants what 72% of men want

Jon at Blurbomat wants a new job. He and his commenters put cogent voice to the 72% of men who told SpikeTV they want jobs that give them more time with their families.

Rebel Dad's got more findings of the SpikeTV survey; as usual, he's on top of coverage of changes in the dadscape.


Having a child has opened my eyes to how screwed up modern culture is... I'm no longer Mormon, so this isn't coming from an LDS viewpoint (the disintegration of the family is the single biggest problem facing the world today).

When I hear politicians of all sides talk about family values, they are not talking about making it so that people have the option of spending more time with their families.

I'm trying to get there. I believe it can happen. There is only now to make it happen.

Also, did they ask how many men don't find the knuckledragging quotient of SpikeTV remotely appealling?

Amen, brother.

I could live with the one-hour commute until our son Seth was born 2 years ago. Now it's total hell.

I've hunted for jobs, but nothing pays as well as my current one and since we're on one salary -- mine -- it's impossible to give the job up.

I feel dj's pain.

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