August 19, 2004

Daddy Type t-shirts are back

daddy type t-shirt, so copyrighted it's CRAZY

3 April Update: Shirts are temporarily out of stock. Please check back in a week or two before ordering. Thanks.

I ordered up a second batch of 'daddy type' T-shirts. They're the same as before: with 'daddy type' screened in battleship gray on the front of a white, fitted, 100% cotton jersey tee from American Apparel.

Why not get one now for yourself, or for the daddy in your life?

buy a daddy type t-shirt ($15+ $2 s&h)
size preferred:



I just found your site. Please consider making these on something other than white, and in XXL. I can think of a *lot* of transgendered guys who have kids who would love this. (In other words, birth moms who have transition...or adopted or whatever.) I just bought one. I would buy one for a friend, too, but would need an XXL.

I hate to admit it, but it's true: I underestimated the size of my TG audience.

Waitaminnit, let me rephrase that--

But seriously, thanks for the order, and for checking out the site. After receiving various inquiries and suggestions from a whole range of dads, the next batch of shirts'll have more options as well.

I like the white and grey. It matches the colors of the site :) And I used to sell mens clothing so I know how popular XXL can be and how irrate wives can get when we say we do not have a big and tall section.

Yeah Greg I would love to order a shirt but I seem to be a bit big for the sizes offered. Ok I'm more than a bit big but since leaving the Army I've started to spread out LOL.

Yeah, the American Apparel shirts are pretty fitted. The L is probably maxed out at 42-44 chest and a 34 waist, while the XL is looser but still fits a 44 fine, and is good up to about 48/36-38. If you're any bigger than that, the shirts start to look like you're still trying to fit into an old college-era shirt. [At least that's the way it looks on me.]

Hi!How long do your t-shirts take to ship?

You'll have to ask Logistics.

Logistics here. It usually takes about five minutes for me to walk them over to the post office, where they take about 3-5 days.

Thanks, Logistics.

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