August 18, 2004

New LL Bean Camo Tote/Diaper Bag

new_llbean_camo_tote.jpgNow the LL Bean camo tote bag is available with a zip-top and hooks for a shoulder strap, two features that I'm definitely missing on the one we bought last winter.

The lack of a shoulder strap made it less than perfect for an around-town diaper bag, but I like loading it up with all the kid's gear, my laptop, and shaving kit when I Amtrak it back and forth between NYC and DC.

Get the new & improved LL Bean camo tote bag, starting at $27 measly bucks. Those WASPs sure now how to economize. [via Josh "WASP" Rubin]

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So, which of the three listed activities (waterfowling, dog training, shooting) do you consider to be diapering (or is it all three, aha)?

I just ordered some customized tote bags from LL Bean. I just can't stand spending a fortune on diaper bags since most ones are just a bag with changing mat inside.

thanks for the tip!


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