August 18, 2004

Kodomo no Kuni: 1920's Japanese Children's Magazine

kodomo_no_kuni.jpg [via waxy] Kodomo no Kuni was a remarkable magazine for children which was emphasized art's ability to expand kids' imagination. It was published in Japan's Taisho era, a short-lived period marked by liberalism, westernization, and modernism that flourished starting in the 1920's (and which was followed by the militaristic nationalism that led to WWII and whose influence lives on in Japan's rigid education system).

The website for Kodomo no Kuni is the result of an ambitious effort to digitize and reintroduce this nearly forgotten publication--and its philosophy--to the country. Pretty innovative stuff, but like Andy points out, I hope they have some bigger scans of those pages somewhere.

Kodomo no Kuni website

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