August 18, 2004

Am I A Sinner for Wanting a Remote Control Mobile?

I found this while I was searching (in vain, so far) for a cool/decent crib mobile with a remote control (the only shortcoming of the Pottery Barn Kids bunny-mobile we got as a gift, which the kid suddenly LOVES, but which runs down after about 90 seconds).

It's a real-time report by AKMA, a rather prominent Christian intellectual blogger [sic], of a speech by Prof. Amy Laura Hall at Ekklesia, a brain trust for "subversive Christians"? Hall's talk, subtitled "Toward a Non-Teleological Theology of Procreation," relates to her upcoming book, Conceiving Parenthood.

I never got Kierkegaard in Sunday School, so it's gonna take me a while to figure out what Hall's talking about, but a couple of things jumped out at me:

  • "Hall narrates, for example, the link between the rise of corporate infant formula and the overuse of Ritalin and other pediatric enhancement therapies in the United States."
  • "She cites advertising copy that sells Lilly ADHD medication as a means for re-incorporating Dad into family life."
  • "She does read biotech as a (not Thomistic) gratuitous normativity of grace, not of nature. It is possible to argue that the factory-farm mother is not natural, that the Fisher-Price aquarium in the crib with a remote control to put your child to sleep is not natural."
  • Um, but what if I only lusted after that remote control mobile in my heart? D'oh!


    Have you looking at Tiny Love's Symphony-In-Motion with remote control? Our daughter loved hers - although sans remote.

    Try the Tiny Love mobile with remote! Its the best and is available at most baby stores.

    i met AKMA at bloggercon I... i think he'd say you're a sinner. definitely so. in the heart is as good as done in meatspace. ;)

    love your blog... have a 2 year old and one on the way on friday by c-section...

    Fisher Price Symphony Mobile. Pro - remote. Con - louder than all get out. Had to tape a sound muffler over the speaker. Kid is four and he still digs it out of the closet to play with.

    Another vote for the Tiny Love's Symphony-In-Motion. Our little guy is almost two months old, and he can look at that thing for a looooonng time.. he's been enjoying it since he was born!

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