August 15, 2004

Takashi Murakami Plush Flowers

murakami_flower.jpgThese limited production plush toy flowers are by the contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, and are similar to the designs he made for the jellybean-colored Louis Vuitton bags so popular with the ladies these days. Considering that an authentic purse can run $3,500 or more, and that his paintings sell for over $600,000 at auction, paying $12.95 for a 3" stuffed flower sounds like a real bargain.

Kid Robot sells them, along with piles of other hipster toys and dolls that are really for adults [they were one of the first places to sell Ugly Dolls, for example. They have a couple of kid-size t-shirts with their own characters on them, too.]

They come in blue, pink, and orange, and you can "hang them from you rear view mirror or your Christmas tree [or your stroller, but only if you need to]."

Murakami plush flower, $12.95 at Kid Robot
Kaikai Kiki, Murakami's website

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