August 15, 2004

Cruising for, with, kids

So you just bought a brownstone, and you and your partner are starting to think about filling it with kids. How do you go about researching this major life decision? Take a cruise!

That's what Peter Marchese did last month, anyway. They set off on the gay family-friendly cruise organized by Kelli (aka Mrs Rosie) O'Donnell, which--in addition to cruise staples cheesy poolside skits and elaborate, middlebrow buffets--featured gay parent-relevant panel discussions organized by the Family Pride Coalition. Topics included adoption vs. surrogacy vs. in vitro and "being a dad in a mom's world."

Inexplicably, after a week on a boat with 2,000 other people's kids, the Marcheses still want some of their own.

Learning about fatherhood on the high seas with Rosie

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