August 14, 2004

Jetlag Special: 5AM Thank-yous

Back from Japan, safe, sound, (almost) all accounted for, and jetlagged. More on that later.

Thanks to the folks below, company's coming, and I've gotta start picking up all the stuff lying around the Daddy Types floor.

  • First, DT fan John (from flagrantdisregard), who gave a friendly shoutout to the hordes from boingboing.
  • Daddy Types gets mentioned in two Stokke-stoked stroller frenzy stories at Salon and the Montreal Gazette. (registration required, and DT reader/spy Pierre deserves full credit for the Urbanbaby "stroller mafia" coinage; it's even scarier than the article makes it out to be.)

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    Saw the Stokke recently and decided it's a tad too wacky for us... not that we would consider another 700+ stroller at this point. The Bugaboo is way to practical compared to it. There's no storage and it's really more like a mobile high chair than a stroller.

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