August 8, 2004

Bamboo Bugaboo


It's too sunny and too hot for the kid to ride around in a stock Bugaboo/Maxi-Cosi carseat. The pullout shade doesn't cover her legs; the black carseat soaks up heat; and there's no ventilation, either.

So I jury-rigged a solution that has embarassed my wife, turned more than a few Japanese heads, and kept the kid reasonably cool. I bought a bamboo-looking blind and draped it across the handle of the carseat, then over to the Bugaboo handle. For good measure, I draped the other half over the carseat itself.

I look ridiculous, but I think I look cool, probably the worst combination there is.


Ya know what would be really neat...if you can draw a picture on the forward side of the bamboo cover - that looks like a baby peeking out.


nice idea - looks efficient ;)
and best of all it doesnt cost a year's income. but damn - it will if one designer decides to put his label on it.

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