July 28, 2004

Hipseat Baby Carrier from Hippychick

hippychick_hipseat.jpgOK, I gave them grief for the aromatherapy, but maybe hippychick's onto something.

The Hipseat is basically a fannypack your kid can perch on. By extending this little shelf from your waist, you're able to hold a kid without thrusting your hip out and torquing your spine. More comfortable that way, apparently.

The Hipseat comes in an array of normal colors, and there's an extender, like on the airplane, if you need it. It's 34.95 at hippychick.com.


There must be something I'm missing. Why spend all this money and energy trying to design a hip carrier when a plain old wrap works better and is cheaper? The Mobywrap is only $30 US, and everyone raves about it. I made my own wrap out of a long piece of cloth (total cost $8), and it still works for carrying a 38-lb toddler.

I think some people will buy anything, as long as it's New! Improved! Expensive!

Speaking of which, when are we going to hear more about the Stokke Xplory? I'm strangely fascinated by it. Ever since my son was a few weeks old I realized I wanted a stroller that put him up closer to eye level, but everyone keeps telling me it can't be done effectively because of the center of gravity of the stroller.

One negative comment already. Here's a PRO COMMENT. This is great in airports. Think of it as a wheelie-board for your hip. After you gate check your stroller and making connections. Roaming the plane trying to keep baby occupied and tear-free. Also, going room to room getting things done around the house. Other public places where a stroller isn't practical but you'll have to wait around - movies, for instance. Sure, it's probably not for use at the mall, but it has it's uses. As for "Why not a Mobywrap?" ... because getting the wrap on yourself THEN the baby IN the wrap is a different league than perching baby on the hip shelf. And for kids that want to go up and down, up and down forget it with a wrap. It's got pocket for items such as a cell phone. I don't buy things because they are bigger better newer - and certainly not BECAUSE they are expensive. I buy the best design for *my* needs. So,j apparently, does Moxie.

I tried the hippychick while in Scotland last month and it's great. Now to find a retailer in the USA.

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