July 21, 2004

Newark Airport Terminal B - NO

Yeah, I know Newark's not in NYC. I almost went back to change the kid's diaper at the security checkpoint when I found out there's no changing table.


I have fond memories of standing outside Newark Airport at 12am in the morning and trying to catch a cab to my hotel near one of the tunnels, only to find that only one out of every 20 cabbies was willing to drive somewhere other than Manhattan. I finally collapsed in my room at 3am in the morning - just enough time to sleep for three hours and bus in to Manhattan for my 9am court date, where the judge doubled my child support payment.

Okay, so maybe "fond" is stretching it.

Terminal "C" (as in "Continental") is the (only?) modern, clean part of Newark Liberty International Airport, and does in fact possess a couple daddy-accessible changing stations. However, if you have to take a recently potty-trained girl into the men's room there, be sure to warn her about the autoflushing toilets, else she mightn't accompany you out of the house again for a while....

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