July 19, 2004

UrbanBabyWatch: Stroller Mafia

Even before it turned up as a display model in a couple of Manhattan baby stores, the 'stroller mafia' at UrbanBaby had already been opinionating on the Stokke's Xplory for a couple of months. The early results: mixed, intrigued, skeptical, but one thing's for sure-- 'marketing spammers' run the risk of being impaled on an Xplory and run out of town:

  • "- looks like you're attempting to launch dc into outer space - 06/15/04
    * Ground control to Major Tom ... - 06/15/04
    o I love it! How much is it? - 06/15/04
    + probably about as much as the space program - 06/15/04
    # bwah hahahhaha - 06/15/04 "
  • "Hi, I am not the OP of the stroller/raising childpost below, but I did look at the link for that stokke xplory stroller. Wow- seems so much better for city than the Bugaboo. Where can I get one (please dont flame)? TIA - 06/12/04

    * Isn't it great. When I went to Finland recently, they were all over the place. Smooth ride and light as a feather...wish I could afford one. Very jealous....enjoy it though...http://www.backinaction.co.uk/xploryinfo - 06/12/04
    o I'm looking for a guerrilla-marketing/ SPAMMING job. Can either of you tell me how you got yours? - 06/12/04
    + what? I am the OP of the thread and really want that stroller. Not a spam/marketing post. - 06/12/04
    # uh-huh. sure. - 06/12/04 "

  • " Bugaboo moms watch out:...
    # i love it - it's higher up - no need to worry about car exhaust fumes going in their face and they are closer to you."

  • ..."Sorry, but I smell a Stokke xplory sales rep testing the American waters on how this stroller will be received. Waaay to many odd posts & references to this (Fugly!) stroller. - 04/06/04
    * why does everyone think manuf. care enough about the ub posters to post here? there are much better outlets for spamming imo. "


    Is it just me, or does it look like an office chair?

    It's not just you. And if I was going to spend that much on a stroller, I'd expect my child's legs would atrophy before I'd get my money's worth. Don't we want them to walk at some point?

    How inadequate do I feel that my unborn son is going in a Combi the neighbors were throwing out? Maybe I will be able to reassure him of my love with the PoshTots glider that was silly pricey.

    It is when one sees these kind of comments one does wish for more publicly available stroller comparisons or tests from parents and consumers alike. epinions is fine at time, but as usual there is the either "LOVE IT" or "HATE IT" mentality present.
    Personally I just ran it around in BuyBuyBaby and felt the following (Disclaimer: Never used it on gravel or black top): Nice and very likable, very good and smooth steering, nice large wheels (solid) which are great going up and down stairs without unloading child. Feels sturdy like a tank and the handle bar is able to be repositioned so anyone from 7 foot to 3.5 foot can push the stroller.
    However, personally I feel it is too plastic, it has an aluminium skeleton but it is all covered by 'happy' gray plastic. Very little storage space. All storage space are external bags fastened with rubber bands to the pram. One bag come with but not the diaper one. On top of this if one wants to twist the chair 180 degrees, so they face you, one has to take the foot rest away from the chair and then re-attach it again. There are more "snaps" to keep wheels etc in place than the Bugaboo but as most of them look like they are in plastic the value of them are debatable. Furthermore, no carseat nor bassinet can be added/attached to the Xplory at this time which might be a bother for people in NYC or other larger city.
    I do though think that if one is to roll it around on flat ground like a mall or light and easy use of subways/undergrounds and such this is a great stroller, but for more all-round use and uneven surface I think the Bugaboo is in a class up from the Xplory. Height of seat I can agree that many seats are kind of low and the variable height should be a sales point but the question is if it really matters in the long run. We are all subjected to smog independent if we sit in a stroller or walk slightly behind.

    Ok, this became hideously long and probably is not going to be read by anyone but I just thought I would put my piece into the discussion/comments.

    sorry to keep butting in on your daddy board but there's too much false info being posted about a stroller I have and love. It has a huge storage bag, I can cary almost as much as I could with my Kolcraft Universal, and it works great on all surfaces. I even used it on the sand at Jones Beach the other week with no problem. That you have to remove the foot thing to turn it around is a slight inconvenience but only slight when you can take it up and down the stairs with ease. It's really an awesome product.

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