July 13, 2004

Stokke Stalker

xlpory_sighting.jpgWhen manufacturers take a new car out for actual roadtesting, they try to obscure it with fake body panels, blackout tape, etc. to throw off the spy photographers.

For strollers, though, the strategy is shirts. Mike Richards, the only person not stunned into silence by this man's shirt, gets credit for New York's first documented Stokke Xplory sighting. It was Fourth of July weekend, in SoHo. The Xplory is a grey market model, presumably brought over with the band equipment.


Looks a lot like an office chair. Only pod people would use it. Plus I think that color went out with the first imac.

Dammit. I wanted to be the first to Xplory NYC, and I don't even have kids yet.


holy shit, that's my husband! Yeah, we're the first and yeah, he's in a band.

And it was a wild-ass guess, too. Seal, Chris Martin, and your Yardbirds husband: I think I need to change the name of the site to

"The weblog for musicians and their strollers."

Ha! By the way, I should add that it's an awesome stroller. We got it because I have a really bad back and can't lift much but of course we live in a walk-up. The Xplory converts into a hand truck for going up and down stairs and I can do so using only my leg and shoulder muscles. I'm in and out of my apt. all the time and take the subway with no problem and no assistance needed. The fact that it keeps dd up high also saves wear and tear on my lower back. It's really been the best purchase I've ever made. That bottom pad is a massive shopping bag - another bonus.
BTW - that's my favorite shirt!

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