July 13, 2004

Papi Cholo: Gang Dad photos by Robert Yager

robert_yager_gang_shave.jpg, image:Robetr Yager, photoloco.com

Robert Yager's photographs have appeared on the covers of Newsweek and the NYTimes Magazine, among other publications. There are a couple of violent scenes, but most of Yager's photos of Latino gang members in LA capture the quieter moments at home:
- shaving the kid's head to match his papi,
- counting up the take from, um, a fundraiser carwash, and, um, cleaning your pile of .357s while the kid sleeps,
- getting busted by the cops as your daughter looks on from her stroller.

You know, just everyday stuff. [via boingboing]

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I've always been a fan of subculture photography, but I've discovered that my ... emotional response... to some of this has changed radically in the last 17 months or so.

Yeah, there's subculture, and then there's a baby sleeping on a pile of loaded guns.

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