July 12, 2004

Stokke Xplory at Buy Buy Baby NYC

xplory_side_view.gifA scoop from DT informant Pierre- The Stokke Xplory stroller is now at Buy Buy Baby in NYC.

According to my in-store source--I report, you decide to buy--a demo model came in last week, and they've begun taking names and numbers for the first shipment, which is expected "possibly within two weeks or so." [Update: you keep on waiting. I talked to the Stokke corporate folks, who said deliveries start in October. Sounds like we got a long, hot summer comin' our way.]

The source said the guys who set it up had to check online for info and instructions because they haven't received any official info from either the store or the company. Brochures and catalogs are in now, though, and they expect to have at least two of the three available colors, including red.

Xpected price: around $747. Although other retailers are expected to carry the Xplory, too, for now, the only Buy Buy Baby location carrying it is in Manhattan. Their phone number is (917) 344-1555.

I'm with Pierre, who says, "Can't wait to see the reaction of the urbanbaby.com stroller mafia!"

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I already feel self-conscious seeing other Bugaboo's when we have to head out with the Maclaren since the Bugaboo is not that Subway or Bus friendly, but now even more so with such a beast out there!

Gotta keep up!! ;)

Seriously though I never expected to see so many Bugaboos as you do here... wonder what this sucker will do to the new parent market.

This stroller looks very dangerous. With the baby sitting so high in the stroller it could easily tip sideways and severely injure or even kill the baby.

I actually prefer to put my 8 month old daughter in a plain and simple umbrella stroller. I am way too cynical to spend this much coin on something that's being marketed to me as a must-have for the Hummer generation.

I also thought about the high center of gravity thing, but given Stokke's emphasis on well-thought-out design that places the interest of the child first, I have to assume it's safe.

I mean, the Stokke corporate guy said they left cupholders off because it was more a parent-centric, not a child-centric feature, and children came first. [Plus, I figure, if you're gonna buy an $800 stroller, you'll probably get your minion to follow you around, carrying your Diet Coke on a tray.

Greg! Great site! I linked from Gizmodo today. I thought I was the only one all obsessed with this gear-stuff! When Suzy got pregnant with our now 14-month-old Madeline, the souped-up Miata had to go. So, naturally, we bought a Bugaboo.

I can confess to you that I'd been researching the Bugaboo, a couple months BEFORE its appearance on SATC. You're ballzy to get the Maxi Cosi. Never really considered that... but we got the Jacadi-branded Perego. At least it's not "mass produced," right?

While I'm pouring out this stuff... ever thought about a Bugaboo Double? In theory, at least, it would be simple for Bugaboo to do: take one of the "big" wheels off, put on one that has a "spindle" on BOTH sides. Then, simply attach a bracket that clamps onto the frame near the small-wheels, and voila... double your pleasure, double your fun!

I say that we start a petition for Bugaboo to manufacture this kit. Hey, I don't know any $1400 double strollers... do you? Heidi Klum's GOT to have a second child, no? For her to stop procreating would be a crime against humanity... and the least that we men can do for her effort (save the obvious: siring yourself) is to supply her with a Bugaboo-Double.

Keep up the great work.

Check it out - spotted the stroller on the street in Soho on weekend of the 4th.


What brand of stroller is the one linked at www.gulchland.com/stroller? Does anyone have the details? I'm intrigued....

intrigued and amusingly oblivious to the title and content of this post and the comments that follow.

If I were you, I'd keep my eyes glued to the road and stop looking altogether at passing strollers.

My God, $700+ on a stroller? You people are ridiculous!

What is the point of this decadent contraption; to be closer to your child? As if 8-inches makes a difference in the connivance of communication. I canÝt remember the last time I saw another father speaking to his young child in public while pushing them in the stroller. In fact, as I explain every object of interest my 1 year-old points out to me while we take strolls, I feel like a transient talking to a banana peel. But I think that is the point, when you are a father looking cool means nothing, acting embarrassing is everything. You have a responsibility much more important than your self image at hand here.

I don't know how anyone but the very rich would have the money or want to be seen with a $700 stroller. I just had triplets. I have to have a $900 stroller. I had no choice. These people do.

But if you have the money....


I am appreciative to see a smart, well-designed product on the market instead of all the mass produced junk that is out there.
Price does not matter if you have a functional, easy to use product.

i would have to agree with the other dad's who mock the price of this new eurochariot. I'm sorry if I feel a college fund a much better option and I do agree with the one comment on design. It sits way too high. This is as bad as organic pet food!

Just go out and buy a Maclaren for $200 and put the $600 you just saved in a college fund or better yet donate it.

I have to confess to owning the Stokke Xplory. I think it's fantastic! Contrary to opinion, it very safe. My daughter absolutely adores going out in it and it's even better when we stop somewhere for lunch and she can be seated at the same level as me. I live in the UK and have had the stroller since my daughter was born in February. Only downside is the size when it folds down. However as most of you Americans drive huge cars this should not be a problem. I brought it all the way to New York with me earlier this month and found it invaluable. One other point to note is that it grows with your child. You will be able to use it from birth till age 4. Therefore no need to shell out for another one. Please try it out before you condemn. PS. I am not at all rich. I am in fact a single mother who is just trying to give her child the best I can.

Gucci makes a sack to tie around your neck. It's $800.

And what's this nonsense about college? Just raise your kid to be a big hiphop star or to make it into major league baseball and buy you a house when you're old. It's working for us so far...

I'm in L.A. and on the list for a pea green Xplory. As an industrial designer, there was no choice but to go with a stroller that looks good and has clever, original ideas.

We have all become too focused on the quality of our cupholders, and nearly every ugly stroller I see is filled with bags from pottery barn and macy's -- not kids. The reason?... the kids don't want to be seen in them! Just like they don't want to be seen in mom's minivan.

Sure, it was cheap and is really handy... but does it excite you? Do we all have to give up our passions when we have kids? My wife and a couple of friends think I'm nuts to want an Xplory. With the baby showers these days, the only thing I'll have to buy for my baby is a cool set of wheels. So... my wife can pilot the Graco filled with bags and lattes, and I'll take a nice, relaxing drive through the mall with the baby and the Xplory -- smiling at every turn.

I am contemplating either the bugaboo frog or the stokke xplory... does anyone know which is better? They are both around the same (i know.. crazy) price range, But I just cant seem to see which one would be better??

I just purchased my Xplory stroller. I was impressed to see that the foot muff and the padded insert feel so comfortable for the baby. Secondly, the foot muff and the insert are all connected to the waist strap which keeps the baby secure in its' seat. With these two pieces together then adding the rain cover to the stroller I do not need to put extra outer wear on the baby. I just put him in the stroller cover him with the foot muff and rain cover and we are out the door. Try it and you'll see it's much easier than to bundle up the baby like an eskimo in order to leave the house.

I am owner of Stokke Xplory and I must say, that it is perfect. It is robust, versatile and really eyecatching. So far, I have found no drawbacks at all.

Í but Í

It is a question, whether this stroller is really suitable for newborns. According to the official information (in Stokke Xplory own official handbook), Xplory is suitable only from 6 months of age of your baby. It means, that Xplory is not universal solution and you would need something else till your baby will reach 6 months ˝ and it could be pricey solution if you must buy another deep ýcarrycotţ style stroller just for the first 6 months.

So, from the design point of view (and I mean everything ˝ used materials, robustness, versatility and the whole concept ýless is moreţ) is Xplory generally better solution than Bugaboo, but from the point of ýbaby age universatilityţ is Bugaboo better choice, since it contains deep ýcarrycotţ add-on, which is best for newborns.

To be honest, we are using Xplory from the really first moments of our son (it is no problem to place/strap him in the Xplory, even if he is 2 weeks old). But you know, sometimes I am wondering, whether am I not doing something wrong, especially when I am reading what all might go wrong with developing spine.

If you want to be "closer" to your baby, and get around the city easily...why not just get a 50$ sling? Me and my daughter go all over nyc in a sling...
Then again, most folks I see pushing 700$+ strollers are the nannies anyway.

We just picked up the xplory as a out of box sale for 450 new. i know this still sounds like a lot of jack compared to a 40 dollar travel stroller. however, if you plan to buy a 250 dollar infant stroller, then a 250 dollar toddler stroller, then this may be a better option. it feels like audi built it, it's all smart design, it will not tip over even if your on a steep side angle. buy whats best for you and your child. i was raised in a cardboard box and i turned out just fine.

I like the design, the chic look and if i'd been a kid, this new "height" would've really appealed to me.

But $700+ ? whooo...

I suppose the prices might go down with the passage of time when more competition and better ideas come forward.

We just got the Xplory in March and we really like it. We thought about the Bugaboo but then looked outside the window of the store and saw about 35 of them (all in red) and decided to go with the Xplory. We get an absurd amount of interest but my 5 month old loves the thing. It could be made of better materials (it's mainly plastic) and it could benefit from some sort of storage but overall, at least we have a stroller and high chair in one.

For those with the Xplory how is it for folding and placing in trunks? I currently have an Eddie Bauer travel system (shower gift), but the workmanship on it seems poor and my daughter (at almost 5 months) has almost outgrown the infant seat. Plus, when eating out the travel system takes up so much room. I'm about to take her on her first flight and I don't know if its better to wait to get a new stroller and car seat, has anyone travelled with these strollers?

I am between the Xplory and the Bugaboo, but I think I'm leaning toward the Xplory, I'm tall and I like the idea of her being higher up, plus the highchair at restaurants thing seems like it would be great.

I also don't know if I want to shell out $700 when Bugaboo is about to disconitnue the only model currently available in the US, and I agree they seem to be everywhere.

Ok, well we own the Bugaboo and completely ignoring the fact that there are so many out there the stroller is hardly a fad. The fact of the matter is that the stroller is just designed well top to bottom. Better than the Xplory for the durability and that it converts to a basinett that the kid could sleep in when you travel. The design is brilliant and has so many features, like a rain slick and mosquito netting. The only thing that bugs us is the two peices that it collapses in, I dont love it but can live with it. Realistically its the only real stroller you will need. Again basinett and seat are included. The other cool thing is that when you bring the handle all the way down you have a perfect booster seat. And for those of you worried about cup-holders, you can get an attachement called the "Liquid Holster" from joggingstrollers.com that will do the trick. I hightly recommend the Bugaboo, its great all around.

Hi! I live in Holland and since I'll have my baby soon, I,ve been looking arond strollers, beeing the Xplory my fav, but i was concerned about it being suitable from 6 months only.Luckily, stokke just got out a new "carrycot"or whatever is called for newborns...i just don't wanna think abour how much more you have to pay to have that in adition to the already expensive stroller but....

I will soon be a dad and thinking of getting the explory, has anybody had any problems with theirs?

Well we got our Stokke...I really like it.
It does not tip over ! ( I cant even tip it on purpose) ..stop worrying about that.This stroller has very good balance and moves like a dream.The push handle moves to fit you...Nice for the Bigger guys.Fit and feel are excellent , like my Porsche.
5 stars for that. The only ? are the bags.
Anyway hope this helps.

this is to answer olga's question about the carrycot. it will cost $225. i'm not sure when it will be available in the US.

I am in Europe right now and have seen several of the Xplorys - I emailed the Stokke USA contact info and they told me that the carrycot (which Stokke calls the "Baby Bag") will be out in the US no earlier than Spring 2006 - they suggested I buy one here and ship it, which is what I'll probably do.

I am a designer who quite happily bought an inexpensive little lightweight valco at the birth of my first child. She is now 2 and the stroller does not accommodate her anymore (doesn't steer when she sits close to the front). We're contemplating a 2nd - baby and stroller! - and have looked at the Quinny Buzz, the Mutsy Urban (innovative design which can attach a second seat but seems heavy), and the Bugaboo. I actually sent a design proposal to Bugaboo asking them about the possibility of a double seat.

Re: the Stokke - does anyone know the dimensions and weight of the Xplory and whether there's a 2nd seat option?

Most people I know end up buying 2 or 3 average price strollers in the early years of their parenthood, so why not buy a good one from the beginning?

You can go to www.epinions.com/stokke_xplory_stroller

It will give you some of the specs you're looking for.

I would like to know if any of the xplory owners have traveled on planes, subways, buses, etc.....successfully?

How useful is the storage bag?

My husband and I are both in our mid 20's and plan on starting a family within the next few months. Recently I was down at the mall when I saw a very well groomed woman pushing the most amazing looking stroller. I noticed that I was not the only one admiring the scene. I see countess woman, including girlfriends, whom have young children and most seem to fit a mold. I know that this is stereotyping, but I do not want to loose "ME", by becoming one of those woman that runs around in a generic stroller, loaded with bags, carry cases, latte on board, and all the baby junk that goes along with it. So what Im saying is that after 9 months of pregnacy, and having to look after a baby, I want to feel good and represent myself as a happy, confident, well groomed new mother. If this pram helps to me to achieve that by not making me feel like 'dummies and diapers' on wheels well I say all power to me!

I just went out with my wife to check out strollers (among other things) for the baby that comes in January, and couldn't help falling in love with the Stokke Xplory.

I must say this stroller is so stylish and beautiful that our Peg Perego P2 Navy Blue looks as sexy as Homer Simpson.

We tried every latch and setting possible, and found it to be very smooth and functional.

We tried to tip it over: impossible without breaking a wrist or lounging to the floor to make it fall with you.

We loved how smooth it rides, how it turns on a penny and the fact that you can "compress" it to a 2-wheeler on a pinch - great for escalators, elevators, stairs and small spaces.

The plastic feels sturdy enough, but not as sturdy as other strollers. However the finishing touches are great, including color selection and the reinforced steel pins in every stress point.

The wheels are solid rubber with air bubbles inside, and thus not inflatable; a BIG plus in my book ˝ I donÝt want to have to worry about flat tires on a stroller.

Another thing is that my wife is 6 ft tall and the adjustable height for the handle made it perfect for her. For example the Bugaboo Frog is not high enough for her comfort, and the Cameleon is a whooping $879.

Which brings me to the issue of price: yes, $749 is a lot of money, yet if you put it into context it's not as crazy as it sounds:

´ a dinner at an average place for 2 is between $60 to $100 - if you dine out once a month for 3 years (the strollerÝs usable life since your kid will outgrow it after that), you'll spend about $2,000;
´ at about $0.25 per disposable diaper and assuming an average of 4 diapers per day, you'll be facing around $700 in diapers alone in 2 years time;
´ if you have a cell phone, you probably spend around $500 to $1,000 EACH year;
´ add another $600 for cable TV;
´ and that awesome HDTV you want for the Holidays so you can watch football/Oprah the way itÝs supposed to be watched, another $1,500;
´ if you have a hybrid car you'll spend about $600 per year on fuel alone;
´ if you have a compact car, your fuel bill goes up to $1,250;
´ yet if you drive the all popular SUV/Minivan/Pickup like so MANY Americans do, you'll spend $2,500 on fuel EACH year.

So P-L-E-A-S-E stop blasting the stroller just because is on the high end of things. If you can't afford it, fine. If you donÝt like it, fine too. But donÝt make people who can afford it and like it feel they should apologize for considering an expensive item. I love the idea of treating my baby (and myself, yes) to it.

There was a time when buying an iPod seemed ridiculous, after all a walkman was only thirty bucks and accomplished pretty much the same thing. But there is something to be said for style and design: itÝs powerful. If you want a run-of-the-mill-looking stroller, by all means this is not the right one for you. If you enjoy more refined taste, nothing comes close to Stokke Xplory.

We have the Stokke xplory since march 2005. Got it when our daughter turned 4 months. I should say it is impressive. you can navigate and turn it with one hand in any direction, walk in very tough terrains. We live in Southern California in a ocean side city with hilly terrain. So our walks include going on the sand, and climbing the hills on the hiking paths, Ofcouse with our baby in the Xplory and it has been able to take this rough terrain gracefully and smoothy. We travelled with it in trains also. Its ability to convert into a TWO Wheeler while the baby is in it comes so handy everywhere there are stairs; We don't have to look for a Handicap entry anywhere we go. While grocery shopping, I carry my bags out with one hand and pushing the stroller with the other hand with ease in any direction I want to the parking lot. Our baby loves this stroller and facing us while on the go. My husband used to complain on this for sometime on the price, but after being able climb some of the roughest hiking trails with it, he too is impressed.

I agree with some one above that mentioned the price tag is not too much when it comes to giving the best for your little one, as one easily blows up that money in other insignificant things in life. This is nothing to pay when we see how comfortable the baby is seated with good back support in the xplory. instead of trying to balance to be seated while on the move in so many other strollers. This is the only stroller we bought and don't feel the need for other ones.

I'm becoming a father soon and we're doubting between the Xplory and a bugaboo. My wife has fallen in love with the Xplory but I am doubting it's sturdiness and how easily you drive in a tougher terrain (forest, paved roads, bad sidewalks).
I'd appreciate your experiences with the Xplory on these matters...

OK, I think the price of both Cameleon on the Xplory is absolutely ridiculous! For all the people here trying to justify the price - you have lost your minds!!! I drive a porsche 911 and a BMW 745, but at least I am not trying to argue that they are not absolutely ridiculously overpriced. I guess it's a question of personal choice, and pride. Believe me, your kid DOES NOT know the difference in what stroller they roll, so please don't justify you wanting to be cool with what is the best for your kid. Yeah, it might be more comfortable for you to navigate, or smaller to fit in your trunk, or cooler to get the looks from other people, but it has nothing to do with the safety and well being of your kid. So cut the crap. Thats why we spend $100K on a stupid porsche, just so we can look cool, and yes, maybe get enjoyment of driving it about 1% of the time when you can actually drive it differently than any other honda civic in town. As for myself, I'm pushing the green whatevertheheck brand it was around, and listen to this - my kid also loves to get in this stroller - surprise surprise! Maybe it's not the stroller, maybe it's the whole concept of being out and seeing other things, have you thought about that?

Another point to keep in mind - in Europe the streets and sidewalks look like they haven't been fixed since the bombings during the 2nd world war, and perhaps you need this thing to get around. In the USA, you'll be holding your coffee in one hand, your soda in the other (no cup holders), and trying to juggle 15 bags in the perfect marble floor of the Mall of America. And your kid won't be riding a smoother ride than the kid in the green stroller with the huge storage area full of bags underneath... :)

I'm wondering how many of you Stokke Explory owners live in New York City and what your experience has been with the stroller. I want the Explory, my wife wants the Bugaboo. Yes, she will be using it more often, so the choice really is hers, but I'm curious to get a New Yorkers opinion regarding getting in/out of cabs, riding the bus/subway...?

[the Xpory can't accommodate a carseat, while the Bugaboo can; that might affect your cab usage. On the other hand, the Xplory has a handtruck mode that makes it much easier to schlep up stairs, so it helps with the walkup and subways. We schlep our Bug up and down subway stairs all the time, tho. I just happened to meet a dad pushing a/the Xplory on the UWS last week; he said they love it. Both are banned from the bus, though, so forget about that...- ed.]

I always love it when people tell me how to spend my money. Here I am thinking im ready to be a FATHER, and I should be able to make decisions any way I feel like it. Boy was I wrong, I'll just let you fools decide for me.

I'll buy whatever stroller I like, thankyouverymuch, and right now the bugaboo (or rock star) look like what works for me.

Oh, and 911's suck. ;)

[if you think THIS is unsolicited advice, Maxxed, just wait until the kid comes. As for 911's, maybe you're thinking of most 911 drivers... -ed.]

I posted September 20th 2004 about my intent to buy an Xplory. Max was born in February 2005 and the Xplory didn't get much use until August 2005. Until that time, we used a graco infant car seat and a snap n go. The Xplory became our choice for jaunts around the neighborhood. After Max turned 1, we started using the Xplory a lot more. It didn't matter that it didn't have a car seat attachment -- because he was in a big boy car seat anyway.

In a real world test, I'd give it very good scores...both for the ease of use and the customer support.

When a wheel hub cracked (these things do happen), Stokke sent a new wheel assembly immediately. Try to get that kind of service with a lesser brand.

We use it as a high chair when we are out, it folds up enough to go on a plane with no problems (People in Kansas City looked at it as though it just came in off of a flying saucer), and is generally usable for its intended purpose -- to haul Max and his diapers around.

I have to carry my coffee. Big deal.

Recently, the base that the seat assembly sits on has started to ratchet down as we roll over bumbs and curbs. It was never unsafe, but I contacted Stokke to see if there was anything I could do about it.

Without hesitation, they said they are sending me a replacement.

Sure, a new stroller should have no issues, but in this case, they took care of the problem. I couldn't be happier.

Stokke Xplory update:

The replacement Xplory arrived exactly when they said it would. They sent me a new chassis...which is everything except the upholstered pieces. I transferred all of my Green parts to the new chassis, put my old Xplory chassis back in Stokke's shipping container and sent it back to them the next day.

I have never had this high level of service. When dealing with other companies, I usually get, "we're sorry, but there's nothing we can do."

Stokke has raised the bar. Not only did they take care of my problem, they are going to send my old Xplory to engineering to see what the problem was -- and make production changes as necessary to make it better for future customers.

I did notice that there were several differences between my early production Xplory and the new one. The wheels and tires are slightly different and the seat bucket has several changes -- mostly in the latching mechanism. It's nice to know they are making running production changes -- for the betterment of the product.

I'll be the first to admit that $749.00 is a lot of money for a stroller. There is no question about that. But in my own experience, it was money well spent. I did get what I paid for. For all of you naysayers, go buy a graco and save yourself $649.00. I'll stick with Stokke products. They are built well, they are beautiful to look at, the company stands behind their products and takes care of their customers. You can't put a price on that.

I just got the stokke xplory and so far I love it, so does my 8 month old daughter. I know a lot of people on a lot of sites are dismissing it due to the cost. Some of those people think that owners of the stokke bought it for status. This is not however the truth with me. I wouldn't care what it cost, it's giving me the freedom I need. My daughter has apnea, severe reflux, and laryngomalacia. I needed a stroller that was both rear and forward facing (for later on in life). While the bugaboo and several others (some even at walmart) had something that offered this option. The hight of the stokke isn't in any other models. I have to feed my daughter every 1.5-2 hours...she is special needs and cannot eat more than 4oz at a time. It is really hard to live a somewhat normal life when you have to bend over in a stroller to feed her...or stop to feed her everytime. The stokke will allow me to hold the bottle for her ( she cannot yet hold it herself) while I stroll around. I can also monitor her breathing (she is on an apnea monitor) and I can help her when she chokes.
Please don't be so quick to judge those that have items that are expensive. Some of us are not trying to be "show offs". We are just trying to live as normal of a life as we can.

well I bought my stokke complete in October and had my daughter in January, I was very happy with it then and extremely happy with it now. The only thing I have to say bad about it is that its not bus friendly, and there's really no use for the baby bag because by the time my daughter was 3 months she don't want to lay down any more so I had to put in the seat instead so buying the complete explory wasn't really a good idea, and not having a cupholders at times upset me but I bought one to put on it at babies r us and it works just fine and it was only $7.00, other than that the stokke is very easy to use especially if you use the subway a lot and living it New York I couldn't think of a better stroller to have. Yeah its expensive but its like an investment as well. The stokke sleppi line is great as well

I love my Stokke Xplory !!!


I used it as my baby's bassinett. I take my son everywhere with me. I love that he is not so low to the ground (dirt, car exhaust in parking lots) that i can put him in and out with out bending over.


Does it fit into a Porsche 911?


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