July 10, 2004

Fingertip Toothbrush

fingertip_toothbrush.jpgI've finally realized our kid's a mutant, and we're living a cheerful, never-aired episode of The X-Files. Not only does she sleep through the night--often after putting herself to sleep--she recently sprouted a couple of teeth with so little fuss, we were caught off guard.

So we started using filtered, flouridated water for her formula, and we saw and bought this little Fingertip Toothbrush from First Years. It's like one of those pageturning rubber thimbles with a fine, soft brush molded into it.

It's such a promising-looking design, I was surprised I'd never seen an adult version. Which means I just admitted I haven't been as faithful a reader of Daily Candy as I could have been. They see Dental Dots as a must-have accessory for the Walk of Shame. I think they'd be good for those early weeks after the kid's born, when brushing your own teeth counts as a major accomplishment.

Buy any of this stuff online and pay 10x more for shipping than the product itself. Just strap the kid to your chest and go to the drugstore.


Congrats on both the sleep and of course the teeth!

Our sleep continues to be a mystery as well - though usually on the less rather than more end. Our daughter now has 4 teeth, which is quite the deal... they were rough on the way in, but all good after their arrival. She loves chomping down on hard toys and is starting to enjoy the Gerber Puffs as well.

Where do you get florinated and filtered water?

These things are great... as long as the little rascal doesn't bite :) We were able to use one of these for a while with our daughter until she got the opposing set of teeth. After that, it was a "brush at your own risk" deal.

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