July 9, 2004

Nursery 'Home Theaters' from Japan

disney_home_theater.jpgAhh, Japan. I'm getting psyched up to take the kid to visit my old stomping grounds by reading up on Japanese baby gear, practicalities, etc. Which is how I came across these nursery products for putting the kid to sleep the Japanese way. What's that, you ask? Breeze-rustled leaves in the Zen garden? Nope. Bright lightshows and music.

This is the Disney O-yasumi Ho-mu She-a-tah, which translates as "Good Night, I'm going to project giant cartoon images on the ceiling over your crib and play 'It's a Small World' until you go asleep or insane, whichever comes first."

Through a highly effective combination of sensory stimulation and sleep deprivation, you will turn your child into a lifelong Disney consumer before she's able to roll over. Makes me wonder if Disney isn't behind this whole "sleep on their back" thing, too.

It's available for ¥5299 at Toys R Us Japan, less a ¥1200 rebate for signing over your kid's soul to The Mouse.

1 Comment

That is so awesome. I must get one for myself. I forced my parents to go on It's a Small World seven times when I was three.

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