July 7, 2004

Mountain Buggy Urban Stroller

mt_buggy_single.gif mt_buggy_double.gif
Now this is one I see all over, especially in New York. Mountain Buggy is another New Zealand-based all-terrain stroller company (Is all that Lord of The Rings landscape really so irresistible to hike through?) that's been making a name for itself in the export market.

The Mountain Buggy Urban is more utilitarian and less elegant than a Bugaboo, and more substantial than a bike-like jogger. This less-is-more design gets my respect, though, and the well-proportioned, narrow Urban Double is probably the coolest-looking side-by-side stroller out there. [The main difference between the Urban and their other line, the Terrain, is a swivelling front wheel. Urban's got it; Terrain don't.] Overall, Mountain Buggies remind me of the original Land Rovers, the kind that actually go on safari, not the current jacked up station wagons.

[I have to say, I've never tried one out; I'm just going by my now-expert stroller-judging eye.]

The Mountain Buggy looks heavy, even with an aluminum frame, and even though it only weighs 19 lbs. Am I wrong?

They're sold all over, but on the Mountain Buggy USA site, Urban Singles are $389, and Urban Doubles are $589. Cheaper than some European strollers we can think of...

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