July 6, 2004

Phil and Teds E^3 Off-Road Buggy

I found out about Phil & Teds on a research trip to Right Start, where I was tracking down a decent-looking double stroller we'd seen in the park. The saleswoman said, "Have you seen Phil & Teds? We sell out every shipment we get within days." I quickly forgot about the other rig I'd come to see.

Generally, I'm not a fan of the three-wheel thing, but Phil & Teds ingenious e^3 buggy just might change my mind. These off-road strollers are from New Zealand--and proud of it. I can just imagine these hiking Kiwis, determined not to let the arrival of a kid keep them cooped up.

Anyway, what's most striking about the P&T e^3 is the adaptability. The single reclines for a newborn, sure. But it also converts from single to double stroller without turning into a sidewalk-clearing tank. Of course, to make that work, it relegates one child to staring at the other's ass all day. Be sure to avoid favoritism and rotate the kids frequently.

The single is $US 357 on the site; the double is $US 428. The site also lists retailers, but I don't think I've ever seen one of these in person.


My husband, baby (now 19 months) and I love our e3 - it's his favorite of the 14 strollers we've gone through since our daughter was born in my quest for the perfect combination for city life. Best of all we can avoid buying another double when we have another child. In the meantime, the second seat is great for giving rides to baby friends and holding bags on shopping expeditions. We had to buy it online sight unseen earlier in the year, but convinced Magic Beans in Brookline, MA to carry it when they opened this summer. Then because I kept helping people every time I went in, they convinced me to work there one morning a week, helping confused first time parents avoid the usual stroller selection mistakes.

The e3, with its white walled tires and cool engineering, is always a favorite with the Dads. Maybe it's because it was designed by a father/son team?

Anyway, I enjoy your site a lot. I am always scouting strollers, and had a great time doing so in Paris and Heathrow this summer (including the Explory, the Jane Powertwin, and all the cool Bebecar and BebeConforts). It's great to have additional advice on finding the right (and interestingly designed) tool for the job. Thanks!

WOW..How did you go through 14 strollers already? The kid only needs one for a couple years of his life..Think of how many packs of diapers or clothes you could have bought with that! Wasting money is foolish..Give it to me if you want to throw it away.

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