July 6, 2004

Congratulations, Jon Stewart

He's a new dad. Ralph Nader, of all people, talking to Steven Colbert, just mentioned on The Daily Show that Stewart & his wife Tracey McShane had just had their baby.

No word on whether we need to book the mohel for Baby McShane Leibowitz.

Ok, Jon, you will have 72 hours to be seen on the streets of Manhattan driving your Bugaboo, starting....NOW! GO!

7/7, 5pm update: "This Just In... Jon Stewart a Dad!" [Eonline, slow to the punch] They named the kid Nathan, after the sponsor of last weekend's hotdog eating contest.

[3/16/05 update: making hand-as-phone gesture to Jon's people and mouthing 'call me re: that new dad interview.']
[2/06 update: This kid is so Maddox; the Stewart's just got a Zahara, too!]


I thought he was done doing everything Conan and Dave did first ;^)

That is great! I love JS! However, I'm worried about what will happen to the Daily Show after Kerry wins. Who will he make fun of then?

Yep, interesting show last night. Colbert's clearly becoming a better interviewer... or then again maybe there's just no pressure when you interview a self delusional buffon like Nader. Friggin' Nader. Grrrr.

(But of course we're all happy for Jon...)

Loved the bit where Colbert, after watching a self-satisified smile break out on Nader's face after some audience applause, turned the audience and said "and how many of you want MORE COOL RANCH DORITOS?"

The crowd, naturally, went even more nuts.

Congrats to Jon! I'm sure Nathan will be glad to have such a cool dad. After all, not many kids get to grow up with the opprotunity to have super comedian as a father or mother!

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