July 5, 2004

Hang-out Baby Lounger, by Oeuf

hangout_baby_lounger.gifModernseed is selling this paper clip-looking bouncing chair for kids up to 18lbs. It comes in--surprise--pink or blue. It's very goodlooking, if a little more design-y than the solid navy blue Bjorn Babysitter. It's not adjustable.

Brooklyn-based French designer Sophie Demenge created it for her new baby company, Oeuf.

It'd match your ismodern blanket.

$110 at modernseed.com.
Check out the Oeuf main site [OeufNYC.com]


$110?!?!?! That is redic. I could make that with some wire hangers, duct tape and an old sheet.

i can get somthing almost identical in malaysia for 10 usd! very common here in se asia

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