July 4, 2004

Carrot-shaped Bottle Cleaner

carrot_brush_vice-versa.jpgThe Italian company Vice Versa Baby makes a bottle cleaner shaped like a carrot, and a bottle drying rack that looks like a little garden--complete with a little tulip. They also make a bottle with a cow's udder for the nipple.

This stuff is nice and harmless, but it's all too cute to buy for yourself. Let's get that straight right now. I mention it here for two reasons: 1) you can offer it up as an ultimately harmless design concession when you're negotiating against something you don't want, like wallpaper borders, for instance, and 2) they're a perfectly fine gift. So if you want one real bad, just point your friends to the site, where their gift-giving imaginations can be piqued.

It may be moot anyway, since I can only find them for sale in Australiaand Japan. In their pitch, Orange-Baby.com cuts to the chase: "Just imagine how cool your baby will become in the future."


Although they don't have the entire line, the MOMA Store has several of Vice Versa's baby items in their Adult and Children's Toys > Kids Section.

Vice Versa's complete baby line is also now available at pacifieronline.com.

hi, I also found this carrot bottle cleaner together with a milk bottle holder at Target online for $18 or so...

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