July 1, 2004

Tiawanese Gaiam Ball Attacks Squirrelly

In a piece of colossal celebrity baby non-endorsement, Matthew over at Defective Yeti describes what happened when the balance ball he was bouncing on to put his kid The Squirrelly to sleep exploded.

The comments contain all sorts of "YOU DROPPED THE BABY!" stories. Apparently, everyone's doing it.

Buy a Gaiam Balance Ball at Amazon, and I'll profit from your misfortune!

Obligatory celebrity baby product shot: The Squirrelly's playing on the Gymini Deluxe Noah's Ark Edition. Note the rainbow--and the $10 additional shipping charge?? YOW.

1 Comment

During the first 5 months we lived on one of those and still use it to rock our now 7 month old to sleep for naps as well as bedtime... no explosions yet thank goodness. Got ours at Paragon.

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