July 1, 2004

Some new (to me) dadsites

Just found The Special Project, a funny and thoughtfully written weblog from Tim, a dad-to-be any day now. [via livingroom]

DadTalk: news for serious parents. A "news source that looks at the world through dad-colored glasses."

littler bear is by newly born (and very advanced for his age) Atticus's dad, Rob Barrett. ex. "words I didn't know...before being pregnant"

Frum Dad, a frequent dt commenter who gives "an Orthodox Jewish father's take on parenting"

Celebrating Colum, who's around 10 months old, by his thoroughly unbiased dad, John Paul Davis


Thanks for the plug!

Funny AND thoughtful? Thanks for the kind words. Very appreciated and very nice.

Unbiased? Who're you calling unbiased?

(Thanks for the link!)

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