June 22, 2004

An Unexpected Father's Day Car Seat Sighting

Graco ComfortSport carseat at babyage.comLate Sunday afternoon, we stopped in Philadelphia to get a cheesesteak at Abner's (not the best in town, sure, but good enough for the population of UPenn students who live all around it).

As we parked, a large, two-tone carseat in motion suddenly caught my eye. Near as I can tell it was the Graco ComfortSport, which has a stripped down, rather pronounced bulbous shape. Without cupholders or toy trays, it's a "strictly business" kind of car seat. [And it's available at BabyAge for $79.99.]

The car seat was not in an accident, though. It was retracing a familiar arc from the backseat to the trunk as a "company logo polo shirt and Dockers" corporate recruiter-looking dad made some room in his shiny purple Alero with New Jersey plates.

The dad and his similarly dressed colleague had apparently been on a recruiting next door to Abner's--at the Wizards Gentlemen's Lounge--where they'd met a woman--stripped down and with a rather pronounced bulbous shape--who was apparently looking for a break from the daily grind [sic] of pole and lap dancing. She slid easily into the spot where the Graco ComfortSport had been.


I don't get it...

me either...what's the point? where's the picture of the lap dancing chick? forget the car seat.

Sorry, new dad here. Didn't realize driving off with a hooker is such an established Father's Day tradition.

Funny! And yet kind of creepy.

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