June 21, 2004

Handmade Modern Baby Blankets

To regular Daddy Types readers, this architect couple's dilemma hits home: "My husband and I were constantly looking for furniture, clothing, and toys that would complement our modern style. Unfortunately, it was much more difficult than we
imagined." Not one to sit idly by, Tami Ngyuen Rael started designing items for her and her kids, then formed a company, Ismodern, to sell them to like-minded parents.

Targeting the woefully underserved "dry clean only" baby blanket market [???], Ismodern has launched a range of minimalist-patterned throws in beautifully colored silks and other fabrics. Each blanket is handmade and sells for $90. Custom orders are also available, in case your modern style demands your kid have, not only a blanket that costs you $8 every time he drools or spits up on it, but one that's utterly unlike anyone else's.


They don't look like anything a kid would want to drag around. But what do I know, my kid is only 2 months old.

I don't think you're _supposed_ to let your kid touch them, much less drag them around. Or drool on it. Or near it.

Thanks for the plug....I think.

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