June 19, 2004

Since Daddy Types aren't easily grossed out: The M¸tter Museum

Since we're talking comfortably about sucking the snot out of our kids' noses &c... When I was in grad school, I lived a block down the street from the M¸tter Museum for a year before I realized it was there. I didn't know what I was missing.

The M¸tter Museum is located at the venerable College of Physician's of Philadelphia. While there is some memorabilia, most of the 20K+ items in the collection were used historically for medical training purposes. (There are specimens in jars, including--come to think of it--all kinds of two-headed babies.)

The two collections that stand out in my mind:

1) A wall of tiny cabinets, with little drawers full of thousands of meticulously categorized Things One Doctor Pulled From Choking Peoples' Throats. (Doug's comment about pulling crayons out of a kid's nose reminded me of that one.)

2) A massive collection of OB-GYN equipment through the ages, showcasing 300 years of innovation in the forceps industry.

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