June 18, 2004

NPR Story on Involved Dads

What is going on this week that dads are in the news so much? Sheesh. NPR had a story this morning about dads getting more involved with raising their kids. They interviewed Bonnie Erbe, the host of PBS's womens' program, "To The Contrary," who cites data in her column that 42% of the people who take Family Leave Act time are men. This sounds like a more accurate statistic than the "45% of men take FMLA time" they discussed on the radio.

What IS undisputable is Erbe's taste in websites for at-home dads; she gave Rebel Dad a big shoutout. Remember us when now that you're famous, RD! [via Rebel Dad's publicist]


Hey! It's not like the Deseret News has held me up as an arbiter of baby cool (and run my photo). I bet you get mobbed on the streets of DC and NYC. I know that if I see you, I plan on mobbing you. Do you have a posse yet?
-- rD

from now on, please have your people call my people.

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