June 17, 2004

Molded, Modern, Modular Bed for Kids

paza_modular_kids_bed.jpg, image cropped from pazadesignLA-based designer Pazit Kagel introduced a line of cleanly designed modular furniture for toddlers and children at this year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair. The ply and laminate units can be used for storage and as a platform bed that grows with a kid, extending from toddler- to twin-sized, and extending the life of your furniture investment.

These look like the start of something good; it'll be nice to see what other pieces Paza comes out with. Wish there was a crib, though; waiting for the kid to fit in a toddler bed is hard.

Check out Paza's site for colors, details, and ordering/purchasing information. [via Apartment Therapy, which also hosts a slideshow of the various configurations.]

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