June 11, 2004

Dads: not only NOT perfect, sometimes downright stupid

[via a Gawker reader in Texas] "Hilton Furniture owner Jack Hilton, quite a celebrity with his energetic cheap local-only Houston commercials, introduced his baby daughter on a commercial today. He named his daughter Paris. Paris Hilton."

Related Tip: Use Google to avoid inadvertently giving your child a porn star name. [Of course, if you do it on purpose, I can't help you.]

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My name? Chloe.
Standard dealbreakers:
-not that I'm aware of.
-yes. *shudder*
-not available.

Of course, none of the above were true when I was born 21 years ago.
I also think there is a porn star named Chloe. Such is the way of life. Keep in mind-- no matter how carefully you screen when a child is born to avoid "bad" names, in 20 years, they may become trendy/porn star/WB/soap opera/google-findable.

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