June 8, 2004

First Father's Day Gift Suggestions

There'll be no shortage of ties, gold-toe socks, and lumpy ceramic doodads made by uncoordinated little hands in the years to come, so on his first Father's Day, why not think out of the box? Here are some ideas from Daddy Types:

treo_600.jpg5. A Cameraphone. Think of it as The Illustrated Trixie Update. Perfect for one parent to send the other photo updates of the kid throughout the day. The gold standard for phone/cam/pda's is probably the Treo 600, available for Sprint on Amazon. Or there's the T-Mobile Nokia 3650, which is cheaper-than-free with rebates.

4. Respectable bed-to-street wear: While it's fine to go to class in pajama bottoms, once you've really graduated into adulthood, it's time to put on some pants. But during those first few weeks/months with the kid--or every day for a work-at-home dad--you're lucky if you get a shower, much less a well-pressed suit. The solution: pants that you can pull on--or better yet, sleep in--that are decent enough to have a work meeting in.

Try some Prada Sport techno fabric, or maybe these Teflon-coated hiking pants with built-in mesh lining. And doesn't Gap have some stain-free, wrinkle-free khakis now?

3. Twenty Days with Julian and Little Bunny by Papa, Nathaniel Hawthorne's account of the joys and consternation of taking care of his son. One, he'll think you think he's smart. And two, with all due respect to Paul Reiser and Al Roker, it's one of the funniest and most heartfelt accounts of daddy-ing ever written.

bugaboo_blue.jpg2. The Bugaboo. Sure, it's expensive, but this is still the rare stroller that a dad can actually like, not just tolerate.

1. If the dad you're shopping for has everything already, including the Bugaboo, there's only one thing left. It's what every dad needs, but no dad has, because they don't make one [...]: a Bugaboo Cup Holder. Until the Dutch figure this out, I suggest making one out of clay.

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