June 7, 2004

Sports Team Gear

florida_jersey_onesie.JPGI stumbled across GatorHaven, which has a shockingly comprehensive collection of University of Florida gear for kids, including this nylon jersey replica Onesie (R)*-shaped bodysuit.

Well, one Florida post threatens to open up the floodgates. Turns out I could post athletic team logo baby clothes from here until the kid heads off to college, and I still would only scratch the surface.

In the grand arms dealing tradition, rather than just post some gear for the offspring of rival Florida State, here is Team Tykes, which has licensed clothing for a bunch of NCAA teams, and a few NFL, MLB, NHL and Nascar teams. Go crazy.

* see below

* When I say shaped like a Onesie(R), I mean the barest functional and physical approximation of the Gerber Childrenswear, Inc-brand Onesie (R), which has set the standard for single-piece garments for infants for well over twenty years. By my calculation, I think nearly 30 million babies have been born in the US alone since Gerber trademarked the Onesie (R) brand. If every single one of them has not worn at least one Onesie (R), I'm sure they wish they had. As much as infants have the capacity for brand awareness in the first place, that is.

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