June 7, 2004

Black Onesies?

black_onesie_classic_baby.jpgBeing New Yorkers, before we knew the gender of our kid, we knew one thing: it's gonna wear black. Of course, that was before we'd stepped foot into the relentless swamp of pink, light blue, yellow, and cream that clogs every baby store we visited.

Then we discovered that the awesome T-shirt manufacturer American Apparel makes black onesies, and we stocked up. They're great, with two three caveats:

1) Sizing: the 3-6 month and 6-12 month onesies we got are the exact same size; we laid them down on top of each other.

2) Drool & Spit: Nothing would show off your kid's drool stains and spit up better than a pristine black onesie. Heather grey may be a more practical urban option.

3) Trademark confusion: It turns out that they're not Onesies after all! Even though they were described on the e-shop's website as "Black Onesie," NO SUCH PRODUCT EXISTS!!!

What did we get, you ask? What we got certainly looked like a Onesie to this brand-ignorant new parent's eye, at least as first. The crucial difference? There's no Gerber Childrenswear tag inside. You see, Onesies , the gold standard of single-piece infantwear, what we've all been raised to believe are the best possible garments for our little bundles of joy, are a trademarked brand of Gerber Childrenswear, Inc., and have been for a generation or more.

Alas, if you're looking for a black Onesie , then, I'm afraid they don't currently exist, despite what it says on Pokkadots.com [Hey, sorry to narc you out, buddy.] But I'm sure given enough encouragement from the market, a classy joint like Gerber will add authentic black and grey Onesies to their mix.

Get an American Apparel Classic Baby black infant bodysuit, aka a wanna-be Onesie from Pokkadots for $8.00, or directly from AA for...$14. ??


punk b*** seems to have the lowest price "onesie" $5.25 in black! Looked long and hard for something

[what a coincidence, you found it right in your own company! what're the odds? if your site looked a little less like a search engine scam, I might have let your sock puppetry slide. Alas. -ed.]

Thanks for the links. Another source for black onesies or one-piece infant outfits both sort and long sleeves (no 0-3 mo.):


By the way we're going to get the black onesie for 0-3 months from www.pokkadots.com.

Here is a great source of black onesies. Rusty Bumper. They come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months. They also come in brown. Great quality! According to customers that have purchased them, they are "better than American Apparel"
Check it out at www.rustybumperworld.com

The cheapest Black onesie around is at www.kidsblanks.com! $2.99 a pc!!!!! They are sized 0-3months, 3-6months, 6-12months and 12-18months! They also have lap tees, bibs, toddler tees and beanies in black!

I just bought some white onesies in this shop and I love it..the quality is outstanding and silky-soft, I am very pleased:)...they also have Black onesies:

check it out: www.dolcemiaclothing.com

www.kidsblanks.com have just started an animal print line.
They retail real well...zebra, giraffe, leopard
onesies with beanies to match

I intially strated buying black & brown onesies from them

hope this helps you

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