June 5, 2004

Reel Moms Real-time Report

An unnervingly prompt report from a Daddy Types reader of this morning's Reel Moms screening of Harry Potter, which, by my calculations, got out less than 30 minutes ago. (Yeah, it could've been composed on a Blackberry during the slow parts.):
"We just left Reel Moms at Loews 34th st. It was Harry Potter, not a chick flick, and it was PACKED. Good movie, but it got kind of annoying, being surrounded by other people's screaming kids. [Glass houses often have the best views. -DT]

"On the way out, we looked for the secret bathrooms w/changing tables, but couldn't find them. A Loews woman pointed them out, but there was a big line. Not really secret, tho. FYI, they're in front of Theater 1. Still had 15-20 babies getting changed on the hallway floor. A Reel Moms tradition."


You know, as I was talking to my husband about something I read on daddytypes before the movie started, it occured to me that "daddy" was probably there. You're right, yesterday's movie was a little crowded and there seemed to be lots of crying going on.

lol. if I'd been there, I'd have been handing out daddytypes stroller bumper stickers.

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