June 4, 2004

Ridiculously big sunshade for strollers

pepeny sunshade, image:pepeny.comLike the Friends haircut, capri pants for men, and those ugly sheepskin Ugg boots for anybody, ridiculously big, floppy sunshades on strollers are an instant, unfortunate trend, at least in NYC.

They're from an Australian company called Pepeny, which is the Aboriginal word for hoop skirt. From what I see, they're available everywhere.

Now, I understand the importance of protecting kids from the sun, especially infants. Every time a ray of sunlight passes over my kid's exposed calf, I pull down her bunched up pantleg. But honestly, I wince more in anticipation of getting chewed out by some busybody with a party tent pitched on her stroller than for the kid getting a little UV exposure.

Buy a Pepeny if you must for $39.99 at buybuybaby.com.


These have been out for a while. They're a godsend for newborns, though less practical for older kids, who will fight tooth and nail not to wear a hat, let alone be covered with one of these.

Interestingly enough, I've never seen one of them in Australia.

These types of sunshades are actually really great... but I much prefer the Protect-a-Bub line myself. I used a Protect-a-Bub sunshade on my little girl's stroller even when she was an older toddler and no complains... I think it might be because it fits on a bit differently and protects with out obstructing the view as much. Hey, much better than an annoying stroller umbrella.

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