June 3, 2004

Stroller Lock

The more you shell out for a stroller, the more you wonder about it getting stolen. In Georgetown last week, I saw a Mountain Buggy jogging stroller sitting empty and unattended in front of a townhouse for sale while (presumably) its owners were inside. Crazy? crazy.

Then this afternoon, I left the Bugaboo in the street-level lobby of a gallery in Chelsea rather than schlep it up the big staircase. It freaked me out the whole time.

Three solutions to this problem, beginning with the most expensive:
1) Don't worry, be happy. If your Bugaboo gets stolen, just buy another one. Maybe it's like stolen bikes, and there's a guy in the East Village who sells "used" strollers.
2) Buy a stroller lock like this Alcatraz combination lock, which is marketed rather shamelessly at Bugaboo owners.
3) Don't buy such an expensive stroller in the first place.


I choose (3). I leave my Maclaren (and even my Perego) at the edge of the playground and don't sweat it.

maybe it needs a car alarm.
i consider my bugaboo like a BMW of srollers.
i need to protect my investment.

that lock that you mentioned, could i use another one type instead? i don't get how it mounts to the frame, why not just loop the lock through the frame?

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