June 2, 2004

LOLOL: Not the product shot Bugaboo was looking for

gwyneth_bugaboo.jpg, from thesun.co.ukBut it's the scene that every new Bugaboo owner knows well. How the hell do you open and close that thing?

The Sun caught Gwyneth's manny and a waiter or two trying to open the Bugaboo. They say it took 20 minutes, even with the manual. I'm also sure there's no way to explain it over the phone. Check the story for more pics.

Now you can try it at home! Cancel your Netflix, and buy a Bugaboo for hours of opening and closing fun.

[Oh, and if you don't hear from me, it's because The Sun had me killed for linking to that photo. Thanks, for the heads up, Jen!]

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