June 1, 2004

Gucci Baby Carrier

gucci_baby_carrier.jpgI'm sorry. I admit, I have a closet full of Gucci shoes, way too much Gucci clothing, and even some Gucci luggage. But there's no way in hell I would ever step out with a Gucci baby carrier on. At least not this one, covered with enough GG logo fabric to reupholster the interior of some pathetically blinged out Maybach.

The carrier also comes black logo fabric (still a dealbreaker), and is designed "for a baby 3 to 9 months, or up to 10 lbs." 10 lbs? This carrier isn't designed, not for a real baby, but for some fashion stylist's imagined baby, a prop baby who'll ride in it exactly once, when the crew from MTV Cribs comes over.

Forget the price ($730); retail is for suckers. If you really want this thing, have your publicist "borrow" one for you.


You'd still be sweating it out in this and people would know you were a sucker for paying such a boatload for such a short-term device.. 10 lbs?!? Our daughter is about 19 lbs at 6 month... not that I was considering this anyway. The standard Bjorn has worked well...

Dude, does that mean you saw the MTV Cribs episode with Big Boi from Outkast from a few years ago, where he's showing off the Gucci papoose?

Busted. I wasn't gonna mention names, in case BB becomes a sponsor; but I'll throw stuff at Gucci all day. Now that Tom left...

Stop hateing!!!!! the carrier is very nice. If you not a Gucci fan okay, but don't hate!!!

[such a lemming. I hate because I love(d). I was married in a Gucci suit, and the off-the-shelf half of my shoe collection is Gucci, but that carrier is still a useless embarrassment. -ed.]

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