June 1, 2004

Flash: Man w/Child = Sexy

Jude Law with kid in a Baby BjornApparently the influx of straight families in Chelsea isn't all bad news for the (less-and-less) gay ghetto.

Jeff Bennett, who's documenting his and his "Hubby's" sweet-as-pie trip down the surrogate road to fatherhood for Good Housekeeping Planet Out, writes about the propriety of cruising dads with kids.

Actually, he writes about one sentence on the propriety of it, then spends the rest of his article talking about "what many straight women have always enjoyed: A man publicly caring for a child can be very sexy."

So what's this dad-to-be's advice for dads who want to look their sexy best? "With the exception of Benjamin Bratt (whom I stalked for two blocks while researching this column), men should not push strollers...it's this man's opinion that papooses are hot and strollers are not." [For illustrative purposes, that's Jude Law, Sadie Frost, and Rudy with a Baby Bjorn.]

Ahh, those were the days, before the kid actually arrives, when you still know everything... [Of course, Jeff can't wait to get a Lay-Z-Boy, too; you can take the boy out of Iowa...]

Jeff Bennett's "Who's your daddy?" diary archive [Planet Out]

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